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Well Done Junior Team~!

Congratulations to the junior competition team for following in the footsteps of the senior team & having a fabulous season!

"As the junior competition team, you have shown remarkable dedication, talent, and sportsmanship throughout this season. By following in the footsteps of your senior peers. you have proven that age is just a number when it comes to passion and determination in the arena.

Just like your senior counterparts, you have embraced the challenges, celebrated the victories, and learned valuable lessons along the way. Your hard work, teamwork, and love for the sport have not gone unnoticed, and your accomplishments have shone brightly throughout the season.

As you reflect on your journey, remember that you are part of a legacy of excellence and camaraderie established by the senior team. Your commitment to improving, supporting each other, and striving for success has not only honored their legacy but also set a strong foundation for the future of your team.

Continue to learn from them, gather inspiration from their achievements, and carve your own path to success in the arena. Your passion, drive, and unity as a team will be the key to unlocking even greater accomplishments in the seasons to come.

May you continue to ride with pride, compete with grace, and inspire each other to reach new heights. Your journey has just begun, and the future is filled with endless possibilities. Ride on, champions!"

Well done to the Ceec junior team for upholding the values of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. Your success is a testament to your hard work . Here's to many more seasons of growth, learning, and achievement ahead!

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