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To be a regular rider at the CEEC, membership is required. Membership entitles you to a number of benefits as outlined below. 

To put yourself on the membership waitlist please email us with the following information: name, date of birth, age, height, weight, experience, telephone number.

Pricelist of Member's riding

Membership Benefits

CEEC membership offers you the following benefits:

• The ability to hold the regular slot

• Reduced riding rates

• Priority bookings for camps and other activities

• Ability to participate in CEEC Horse Shows

• Reduced rates for lesson packages 

• Discounts on most activities at the centre

• Ability to hold a livery at the centre

• Discount at the tack shop

Life Membership

This membership can be sold on but no profit may be made.   The CEEC purchase the membership back and sell on if there is a waitlist. Transfer fees apply.


The membership depreciates at a rate of HK$1,900 per annum for a single membership and HK$2,900 for a family membership.

Livery Membership

Riders that take a horse on special, part or full livery are required to hold a livery membership unless they already hold a debenture or a life membership. The livery membership is valid for as long as a horse is held on livery. A 3-month break between horses is permitted*.

*A livery holder may continue with their livery membership in the event of a change of horse so long as they take on a livery horse within 3 months of ceasing livery on a previous horse or are known to be actively looking for a horse.


By private sale only.

The CEEC will not be offering further debentures and therefore these are only available via private sale.  You may place yourself on the waitlist for a debenture and we will let you know when one becomes available.

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