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Horse orientated activities can be particularly effective in team building exercises to help you and your colleagues to develop trust, respect and to encourage stronger relationships. In turn this leads to better communication and greater efficiency in the work place.


Horses respond positively to clear, confident leadership. They respond poorly when a leadership style is over-bearing or indecisive, or, when body language and verbal communication are contradictory. Working with horses allows staff to discover their strengths and weaknesses in their personal leadership styles, it highlights group dynamics and can expose hidden truths.


During your experience you will learn how to interact safely with horses, how horses develop bonds of trust and how to connect with them. You will most importantly have fun with plenty of hands–on interactive equestrian activities.


We have designed three options for Equestrian themed team building days for you to choose from. All of the activities are rewarding and revealing to those who wish to experience team building in a slightly different way in comparison to traditional team building exercises.


We are also able to tailor make your team bonding exercise and activities to your personal requirements.  For a tailor-made quotation, let us know what you are looking for and we will be delighted to offer a quotation.

For more information please contact us at or call 6398 6241.

A horse will give you its full attention whilst you are engaged with it but as soon as your attention drifts it will start to move away from you.  It’s a powerful exercise that increases self-awareness.”   - Sarah Shearman


Photo of student riding horse during a holiday camp at Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre (CEEC)
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