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Do I have to be a member to ride? 

For the trial lesson, riders can do as a non-members.

For riding regularly, membership is required.

How do I become a member of the club? 

Once you are offered a regular riding slot, there are four types of membership - 

Debentures (by private sale),

Life memberships

Livery Memberships

Annual membership.

Please contact us for full details.

Can I ride regularly as a non-member? 

No, you will need to be a member to take regular lessons at the CEEC.

Is trekking available at the centre? 

No, we do not offer trekking at the centre.

Are your instructors qualified? 

All our staff hold top level qualifications.  The teaching staff have either represented their

country in their sport or have BHS qualifications.  All our staff are expected to sit their BHS

(or equivalent) qualifications – this includes the stable staff (grooms). 

What are BHS qualifications and what is a BHS certified yard? 

We are a BHS certified riding school and livery yard, have our WTT certification (Where to Train) and our instructors are trained under the BHS system. The teaching qualifications demand an exceptionally high level of horsemanship both on and off the horse.  For full details, please click the following link to visit the BHS website.

Can we come and visit the centre?

If you are interested in riding and the riders are 4 years or above, please do come for a tour.  Please email us first to make an appointment.  The centre is not open to the public – i.e. you are not able to ‘pop in’ and pet the horses and ponies.

Can beginner adults have lessons?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you have a riding weight limit? 

Yes, you must weigh no more than 70Kg.  We weigh all riders on their first visit. Office will then check if any available and suitable horse for you.

Are you associated with the HKJC?

No, we are a privately owned organisation.  We are, however, supported by the HKJC for the health and well-being of our horses in the form of vet and horse shoeing services.  We are also delighted to home several HKJC race horses that are re-trained.  We have had great success with this. 

Do you offer livery for horses? 

Yes, we have an extensive livery programme which enables all levels and ages of riders the chance to ‘own’ a horse or pony.

Do you have ex racehorses? 

Because of poor post racing training, people all over the world have experienced ‘flighty’ or highly strung ex race horses. The majority of race horses are thoroughbreds first and foremost.   We do have thoroughbred horses that have raced in their career.  These horses are completely re-trained to become excellent competition and pleasure riding horses.  Most people that have owned a thoroughbred horse find it very difficult to switch back to other breeds once they get the thoroughbred bug.

Do you offer birthday parties to non-members? 

Yes we offer both riding and non-riding parties. Please see our party info pack for full details.

Do you do school groups? 

Yes, we have a programme for school groups. Please contact us on for further information.


Close up photo of horse saddle at CEEC
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