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Internal Horse Show in Oct & Nov

We are very pleased to share the results of two in house competitions we have recently held. In October was Show Jumping, including a clear round competition and classes against the clock.

In November we held a Eventers Challenge, which we will put with upcoming dressage tests to achieve overall results. Thanks to all riders and supporters for adhering to social gathering rules and a huge thanks to Eric for some wonderful photos.

70-80cm 1st Charlotte and Elsa 2nd Lilly and Sixpence 3rd Ella and Bruno 3rd Oskar and Elsa

80-90cm 1st Oskar and Elsa 2nd Ella and Bruno 3rd Sarah and Ollie

1m 1st Sanni and Caschmir 2nd Sarah and Ollie

1.10m 1st Sanni and Caschmir

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