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Farewell Harry...

It is with a very, heavy heart that we share the news of the passing of the wonderful Harry. He led an incredible career both on and off the track and his personality will be hugely missed by all.

Thank you to Zosha for summarising his career, successes and personality so well below. If you have memories or photos of Harry, we would love for you to share them with us.

Harry’s summary ❤️:

Temmoku from Ireland came to HK and started racing as a 3YR old.

His first job was a champion on the track- He raced from 16/4/2000 - 21/5/2006

With total winnings: $4,500,000

His 2nd job:

He then went to the Racing Development Board for 6 years and the worked as the training horse for the developing jockey’s .

At 15 he officially retired from the race track and was sent to RTU at Beas River to be retrained as a riding school horse , and then he came to CEEC.

His stable name became Harry due to his unique blaze that looked like Harry Potters scar.

He was super popular in the the riding school and was schooled to jump, dressage and cross country, competing in many CEEC shows and at Beas River. 2013-2018

His liveries included Jessica Tilton, Suzi Vjanovic and Zosha P.

In 2018, he retired from competition and Doris Chui took Harry on to look after him in his retirement. He celebrated his 26th Bday on the 25th March and passed shortly afterwards.

Always the most positive forward thinking horse. So willing to learn and take challenges on. A huge heart and gave everything a go. He was always alert ( a little too much in the big paddock and at competitions!) and often reminded us that underneath those long elegant legs was a fiery stallion!

An amazing career for an incredible horse.

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