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Dressage Anywhere, Pony Club test and Interschools competition

A busy few weeks at CEEC! We had a fantastic amount of riders taking part in this month Dressage Anywhere, where CEEC finished in 3rd place in the league table. There were some great scores and placing and it was great to see some young riders taking part for the first time.

We would also like to say a huge Well Done to Chiara, Lilly, Leelani, Ella, Lindsay and Eve who all passed the Pony Club C test this weekend.

We also had 7 riders who completed their heat for the Higher Division interschool competition and have had lots of riders working towards the lower division as well. We look forward to seeing results.

There are lots of exciting events coming up, so keep an eye out for emails about these.

Thanks to all riders and supporters for sticking to and managing social distancing so well, enabling us to hold these events.

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