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Busy November

November has been very busy so far!

We have had some great results -

Show Jumping 6/7 November:

80cm - Oskar and Elsa 1st, Pip and Ace 4th, Morgan and Warrior 6th.

90cm - Morgan and Warrior 1st.

70cm - Pip and Ace 2nd

80cm - Oskar and Elsa 1st

90cm - Oskar and Elsa 4th

Dressage 13th November:

Prelim 15 - Laurel and Leo 3rd, Kieran and George 5th.

Novice 23 - Sarah and Onion 2nd.

Novice 23 - Kieran and George 3rd, Laurel and Leo 4th.

Medium 64 - Sarah and Ollie 2nd

Show Jumping 20/21st November:

70cm - Lilly and Foggy 1st

80cm - Pip and Ace 1st, Lilly and Foggy 2nd

90cm - Pip and Ace 2nd

80cm - Ella and Ace 4th

90cm - Oskar and Elsa 2nd, Morgan and Warrior 4th.

It has been great to see many new combinations gaining experience at their first competitions.

We were also very fortunate to have Hong Kong Show Jumper Jacqueline Lai here to give very valuable clinics to our competition riders and staff.

We are looking forward to the last competition of the month this weekend.

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