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Ben is retiring to the UK in June 🦄

Ben is retiring to the UK 🦄 After a long and fabulous career here at CEEC the lovely 'Akkor' is being sent to his happy retirement home.

Ben came to CEEC is 2009 and since arriving has done every job we could think of. He has been a best friend, teacher, star Show Jumping (in his more lively days) and fantastic Dressage Diva. He has taught so many riders at CEEC to ride. All the way from being patient enough to let them learn to trot, all the way to his wonderful competition liveries.

I think it is safe to say that this goofy character will be hugely missed on the yard. However we are so excited to have the privilege to send him to a field for a quieter life and lots of grass.

We would appreciate any help that our members can provide in sending him on this journey. In true fashion, after his travel assessment, it has been decided that out gentle giant will require two seats on the plane! So any donations would be hugely appreciated.

To celebrate this occasion we will be having a retirement party and fundraiser for Ben on the 17th of March in the evening! Please save this date, more details will follow shortly ✨

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