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As I write this I am enjoying my retirement which was made possible thanks to CEEC, your generous donations to the Horse Retirement Fund, CEEC staff, and the HKJC. I now live in Yorkshire in the UK with my livery costs being paid for by your continued support of the Horse Retirement Fund (the HRF for short). My field companion is called Richie, he was a former CEEC school horse too, and it is lovely that we have ended up being together; we get on very well. I was retired at the same time as my other CEEC stable mates Comanche and Otis and they live elsewhere in the UK.


To give you a little bit of my background I was born in America and then travelled to Hong Kong to be a race horse for the HKJC. I ran in 6 races from 2006 – 2008 however, to be honest, I was not very fast. When I retired from racing I went to the HKJC retrain unit and that’s where CEEC first saw me. Whilst CEEC was being built, I was worked with some other horses at Beas River Equestrian Centre. I did some work over poles which I really enjoyed and felt that I had found my forte. As the poles became jumps I really grew in confidence and loved it more and more.


I went to CEEC in September 2008 and was on the very first lorry of horses from the HKJC. This was a very exciting time and I remember it well; we arrived in our brand new stables and settled in. Later we were ridden and then as the school became more and more popular we started to do lessons. I found that I was very good at my job; I liked being groomed, ridden and talked to by all the people that rode me and I often stopped to talk to members of the public that were out hiking. I started to do more and more jumping which was amazing, although sometimes it was a bit scary as there were things underneath the jumps but I soon realized that they were not too bad. As I got older and more experienced, I got to go on the lorry again to shows. I took so many people round the show jumps there, it was exciting but occasionally I missed jumps as we were going a bit too fast but I still won lots of red rosettes. I did the FEI jumping several times and my biggest achievement was coming 2nd in the 110cm – 120cm class; that was a great day.


I need to tell you a bit more about Comanche who was retired at the same time as I was with the help of the HRF and his fabulous named livery. He like me is very well travelled, having moved to Hong Kong from Australia. He came to CEEC in January 2009, I  can remember that day, there were six horses and ponies on that lorry of all shapes and sizes. One of them was Antonio and he has also been retired and now lives in the USA. Comanche and I used to work together and in the early days we jumped together and later he did more flat lessons. Comanche has a lovely personality in and out of the stable and taught lots of people to ride but also on the stable management and care of horses. He was very good in the CEEC shows and he once did an adult gymkhana; he looked like he was having such a great time and would have given me a run for my money on speed in that class! He also went to some shows at BREC but he tended to do more dressage competitions. Well, enough about us for now, I must return to grazing. Please explore our web pages using the menu tabs to read more on the amazing work that the HRF continues to do with your support.

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