“WE DID IT!!! SOMBO has moved to her new home in a wonderful elephant sanctuary in Mondulkiri Province in Cambodia. The Elephant Valley Project team takes good care of her and CEEC and EARS is proud to have given Sombo back the beautiful life she deserves.”​



CEEC is proud to be the sponsors of Sombo – a 52- year-old elephant living a new life on a beautiful plot of land on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.


The results of giving tourist rides with a heavy chair on her back for 20 years and walking 4km roundtrip for 9 hours a day, 4 days a week on the hot tarmac roads from her living area behind a casino to Wat Phnom temple in Phnom Penh took a toll on her feet.  Sombo ended up with appalling feet and limped due to painful abscesses and overgrown toenails making every step, excruciatingly painful.  Without the EARS charity stepping in to help, Sombo would have eventually collapsed due to the pain.  Sombo was officially retired on January 2012.


Thanks to EARS and CEEC donations, Sombo is undergoing an intensive medical program to help heal her damaged feet.  Today she lives a relaxed life roaming the paddocks, having a soak and taking the weight off her painful feet in a specially built bathing pool.  She thoroughly enjoys all the attention and pampering her new life gives her.  To read Sombo’s story, please visit http://www.earsasia.org/sombo.html


Elephant Asia Rescue and Survival foundation (EARS) was launched in Hong Kong in November 2010 to promote the awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant.  As well as overseeing the care of privately owned elephants, EARS works closely and supports sanctuaries and projects throughout Asia, and also offers educational advice for visitors to Asia about the use of elephants in tourist activities.


If you would like to help contribute to Sombo’s medical and retirement program, please visit www.earsasia.org and follow her progress on facebook.


Please think before you take an elephant ride, trek or watch them perform – elephants in Asia are not always treated with appropriate care and suffer severely as a result.